Nokia To Challenge Google and Yahoo With Mobile Ad Services

Nokia To Challenge Google and Yahoo With Mobile Ad Services

Nokia plans to launch two new mobile advertising services. What? Nokia is going to offer advertising? Does that mean Nokia is now a rival to Google? Yes, Virginia, it seems everybody is now in competition with Google.

Nokia's two new mobile ad platforms, Nokia Ad Service and Nokia Advertising Connector, will move the company into the mobile advertising market, making it a competitor with Google and Yahoo.

Nokia Ad Service is a fully managed platform for advertisers looking to expand their reach to the third screen. NAS will give advertisers access to tools for planning, deployment, optimization, and reporting for campaigns. NAS also will support interactive content like banner ads in mobile browsers and multimedia ads in applications like videos.

Nokia Advertising Connector is designed to help advertisers port different ads to different mobile devices and content formats. NAC will switch ads between text, image, audio, and video formats depending on the mobile phones a users are on.

Nokia said that both services will give users lots of data and reporting -- must-haves for today's online marketers. Nokia plans to launch both services in the second half of 2007.

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